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Let’s talk resolutions!

A large majority of the adult population make resolutions this time of year yet so many fail to achieve them… So what makes a successful resolution vs one that never gets achieved? Today we’re chatting about just how to achieve & keep your weight loss resolution.

Here’s something I heard this week that I thought was fascinating – “People confuse goals & outcomes. Having a desired outcome is where you start but goals have to be daily & actionable. Goals are the daily tangible habits that happen with the outcome as a result and we must set daily actionable goals to get to our desired outcome.”

A common resolution for many people is to achieve a weight loss goal, and this was no exception for myself. At the start of 2019 I was at a pretty low point emotionally hitting the highest weight I’ve ever been. Weight is never really about a number but more so what that number represents. For me this meant low self confidence, low energy & a number of people asking if I was pregnant which was incredibly embarrassing!

Throughout the year I made daily changes that led to some pretty great results.

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Here are some changes you can make today to get the results you desire.

The first thing I had to change was my mindset. I used to be an all or nothing kind of person when it came to my diet & exercise. This needed to change! So instead I focused my energy on consistency and making my goals long term as opposed to a short term fix. I kept my weight loss goal in mind throughout the entire year, with the time frame to achieve a healthy body by the end of the year.

Some things I implemented that you may find helpful to achieve weight loss & health goals:

-Aim for consistency above anything else (diet & exercise), allow yourself to indulge in the occasional treat without guilt. Remind yourself that this is a permanent lifestyle change. If you can’t picture yourself doing this for the rest of your life then you may want to reconsider what you’re doing.

-The best exercise is the one that you love and will keep doing consistently! All kinds of exercise can give you excellent results, as long as you do them, and do them consistently.

-Don’t rely on motivation. Make habits instead. The most successful people are often not motivated but do it anyways.

-Start with one thing. Don’t overwhelm yourself, remember this is a long term change and you can add more habits in later.

-Keep the promises you make to yourself. If you continue to make empty promises to yourself you’ll start to believe that you can’t achieve your goals. For example: don’t tell yourself you’ll never eat chocolate again.. it’s not going to happen!

-Make a plan. I never begin a workout without knowing exactly what I’ll be doing. Same goes with planning your meals. Plan ahead for every situation. Most diets go astray when we get caught off guard when we’re hungry.

-Aim to improve your health and the weight will come off as a result. Our health truly is our most valuable asset. If you fuel your body with whole foods packed full of nutrients with the goal to be healthier, the weight will naturally come off. When your body is balanced & healthy it will always respond in a positive way.

-Forgive yourself. Forgiveness with ourselves is so underrated but so important. Expect there to be bumps in the road. No diet or exercise plan will ever be perfect. Don’t aim for perfection, aim for progress. Forgive yourself when things don’t go as planned and keep moving towards your goals.

-Don’t wait for the perfect day to start, start now.


I hope you found my tips helpful! Let’s all reach our goals this year, no excuses. What are your favourite tips for keeping your resolutions? Comment your tips below.

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How To Achieve & Keep Your Weight Loss Resolution

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