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Esperance is home to Australia’s whitest sand beaches. Esperance beaches are so incredibly picturesque you’ll constantly find yourself say “WOW” over and over again just due to being in disbelief how stunning these beaches really are. As amazing as Esperance looks in the photos, it’s truly even better when you see it in person. From the intense blue water, the whitest sand & the cutest wildlife, Esperance truly is the definition of paradise! Here is your Esperance Ultimate Travel Guide.


Esperance is located along Australia’s south west coast, the closest capital city to Esperance is Perth. The two options to get to Esperance are either by driving or flying. While flying is by far the quickest way to get to Esperance it can also be very expensive. Most people arrive by driving, you can drive direct inland from Perth which takes approx 9 hours or take the longer scenic route along the coast by passing through places like Margaret River, Denmark & Albany, which I suggest you take a minimum of a week to do this journey.


Esperance is way down at the south coast of Australia so summer, December – February is definitely the best time to go. Truly you can’t really pick a bad time to travel here because it’s just insanely beautiful all year round, but the weather will be much colder and a higher chance of rain during the winter months. The shoulder seasons during spring & autumn are also a great time to travel here as it will be less touristed and you can still get some great weather and warm days.



Lucky Bay truly is the definition of paradise! This is easily the most famous beach near Esperance since you’ll often find wild and friendly kangaroos hanging out on the beach. The kangaroos here are used to human interaction and don’t seem to mind if you come up and pat them. Lucky bay is a long beach with a long stretch of white sand surrounded by sparkling blue water. If you have a 4×4 you can cruise up this beach and take it all in. Located in Cape Le Grand National Park, approximately an hour from Esperance town, here you’ll find a lot of pretty incredible beaches to choose from.



My favourite of the beaches I visited around Esperance would have to be Hellfire Bay. Hellfire bay is also located in Cape Le Grand National Park. Here you’ll find beautiful blue water, white sand and is pretty secluded compared to some of the other beaches. I only ever saw a maximum of a handful of people here at a time. Grab a picnic & some drinks and enjoy the day here while enjoying the incredible scenery surrounding you. On the other side of the bay you’ll find Little Hellfire Bay which is also an incredible spot to take in the scenery.

Another beach located in Cape Le Grand is Thistle Cove, another beach with beautiful white sand and blue water. Thistle cove is a secluded beach that is so picturesque sometimes you need to pinch yourself to remind yourself that it’s real. The crowds are minimal here and you’ll see incredible orange rocks making a great contrast to the intense blue water.



Blue Haven is my favourite of the beaches located close to Esperance. The name says it all, it really is a little haven of sparkling blue water. You’ll find the famous staircase, known as the stairway to heaven, leading down to the gorgeous beach. It’s sheltered from the wind and waves so its a very popular hang out spot being so close to Esperance.



I didn’t get to spend any time at these beaches but from what I’ve been recommended and from the photos I’ve seen all these beaches are absolute stunners. If you have the time definitely put these beaches on your list in addition to the ones above.

10 Mile Beach

Twilight Bay

Duke of Orleans


The town of Esperance is relatively small but there are still a number of options great options to suit every budget.

Esperance Chalet Village – A must stay! Esperance Chalet Village such a beautiful and relaxing place to stay in Esperance. The property is scattered with A-Frame bungalows across the property. The owner is super kind and friendly making the stay even more memorable. Included while you stay there are free access to the bikes and kayaks. I highly recommend the Esperance Chalet Village for a relaxing getaway.


Esperance YHA – For a budget accommodation option, Esperance YHA will meet all your basic needs. The beds are comfortable, the staff are friendly and you also have access to a kitchen. It’s close to town and works perfectly for a great stop over on your way in or out of Esperance.

Camping at Cape Le Grand National Park – The great thing about camping here is you are literally right next to some of Australia’s most beautiful beaches. There are 2 campsites in Cape Le Grand, my favourite being the Lucky Bay campground. Nor only are you right next to Lucky Bay beach but there’s also kangaroos hopping around the campsite throughout the day and evening. Bookings here are essential as it is a very popular spot it will be fully booked most of the year, especially during high season.



If none of the above options suit you, Airbnb is another great option. Use my link to receive $55 off your first booking.


-Since Esperance is so far south, even during summer months you can encounter all kinds of weather conditions varying from very hot sunny days to cold, cloudy and rainy days. Pack for all weather conditions, bring lots of sunscreen & bug spray.

-This should go without saying but I saw a lot of this happening while I was there, please refrain from feeding the wildlife, and pack your food scraps and packaging away. Even though this was my first time visiting Esperance and I don’t have anything to compare it to, I noticed that the number of kangaroos on the beach are very minimal because people in the campsites are feeding the kangaroos making them less common at the beach and more commonly found at the campsites.

-If you’re driving from Perth to Esperance directly it can be a pretty uneventful drive. However there are a few places I recommend stopping off at to make the drive more enjoyable. Check out the Wave Rock, close to the town of Hyden, which is a huge rock that has been carved out by the wind over millions of years into a wave like shape. Another place to stop closer to Esperance is the Yummy Licious Candy Shack in the town of Ravensthorpe. It’s not easy to miss this one as it is a super bright and colourfully decorated store that you can spot all the way up the street. Grab one of the giant lollipops while you’re here, you won’t regret it!


Have the BEST time during your trip to Esperance. This is truly one of the most picturesque places you’ll find in Australia. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or let me know how your trip was if you’ve been here.

xx Michelle



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