Portland Oregon sunrisePortland is such a crazy, cool & quirky city that I have absolutely fallen in love with. Located on the North-West coast of USA in the state of Oregon, Portland has such a weird yet wonderful vibe that draws you in and makes you never want to leave.

Portland is a city that embodies it’s “weirdness”, the beautiful surrounding nature and is known for its many incredible microbreweries, coffeehouses & restaurants.
I just recently went back for the second time with my amazing fiancée Dwayne, and fell in love with Portland even more than I did the first time.

I’ve created a list of some of my favourite things to do and see while you there. I hope you all enjoy this Portland as much as I do!


Columbia River Gorge is a must for sunrise! This is a beautiful lookout over the river and forest and it’s absolutely breathtaking at sunrise. It’s not far from a series of waterfalls so start your day here then head towards the falls right after and you’ll avoid the crowds if you get there early.



As you’re traveling from Columbia River Gorge there are lots of waterfalls along the way worth checking out but Multnomah Falls is the best (in my opinion) and certainly the most popular. Another waterfall I’ve heard is amazing yet didn’t get a chance to check out is Wahella Falls. You will need more time for Wahella falls as it’s an extra hour driving time plus quite a long hike. I suggest doing this one as a day trip.



The Portland sign too at the start of the old town and is definitely worth stopping past to grab an iconic photo.



You are spoiled with choices when it comes to microbreweries but 10 Barrel Brewing is my favourite! 10 Barrel Brewing has a beautiful rooftop patio and is perfect a sunny day! Get the taster tray when you’re there and you won’t be disappointed. They have a large variety of beer and have something to suit everyone’s taste. They also have a great food menu – try the pizzas!



Whether or not you’re an avid reader Powell’s Books is certainly worth checking out. It’s known as the world’s largest book store. It’s quite an interesting store and they’re sure to have whatever you’re looking for.



Portland is known for its delicious food and there is also a little know rivalry between the 2 most popular donut places there – Blue Star Donuts & Voodoo Donuts. If you’re wanting premium quality donuts with interesting flavour combinations then Blue Star Donuts is your go to place. They change their menu all the time but while I was there I had the Strawberry Basil Glazed & the Pina Colada donuts. Both were incredible!



Voodoo donuts is worth checking out – In my opinion it’s not as good as Blue Star (if you’re looking for quality) but they have lots of crazy toppings which is what attracts such a big crowd. Expect to wait a long time as the lines long, and bring cash – they don’t accept credit cards. Interestingly enough there are 8 ATM’s that surround the property.



Scattered throughout the city you’ll find quirky street art everywhere. Across the street from Voodoo Donuts is the most popular ‘Keep Portland Weird’ sign. You’ll find various others just by wandering thought out the streets.



St. John’s Bridge is a little outside the city centre but it is pretty incredible and every bit worth checking out. It’s a very beautiful architectural design in a stunning park location.



For food in Portland you’ve got a million choices, all which are incredible! Yardhouse is always a favourite of mine, especially for happy hour (order the nachos). Otherwise I suggest just wandering the streets and exploring the different options. Everywhere I’ve wandered into is so delicious so you have a lot of choices.



Pittock Mansion is great to visit any time of the day but is an especially beautiful location for sunset. From here you’ll get an incredible view of the whole city which at sunset appears to be glowing. Enjoy this, it’s such a beautiful view!

Those are all my tips for Portland. Hope you enjoy every minute of this beautiful city. Before I go, please leave a comment below of your favourite thing to see & do while in Portland.
Until next time!

x Michelle

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