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If you’re truly wanting to explore some of the most iconic places around Australia, Broome is a must see location. At the far north of Western Australia is this picturesque town most well know for camels walking on the beach at sunset. Around Broome you’ll also find some beautiful beaches, friendly locals with country charm, and a relaxed atmosphere. Personally Broome is one of my favourite towns around Australia that I highly recommend visiting. Here is your Ultimate Travel Guide to everything you need to know about travelling to Broome.



Since Broome is located quite far away from the nearest city it’s not necessarily the easiest place to get to. You’ve got 2 options to get to Broome, either by driving or flying. Depending on your schedule and how much time you have will determine how you get there. If you’ve got some time up your sleeve, at least a couple of weeks, then I suggest doing a road trip from Perth or Darwin to Broome. If you’re travelling from Perth there are an abundance of incredible stops along the way including Exmouth & Karijini National Park. And if you’re travelling from Darwin there are a few less places to stop along the way but Lake Argyle is a must see. If you’re short on time then flying is the next best option. Flights can be taken from any main city in Australia stopping over in Perth to transfer planes.

How to get to Broome



Broome has a tropical climate with two distinct seasons, wet season and dry season. Dry season runs during Australian winter months from April – October. Throughout the dry season you can expect warm days with cooler nights, and clears blue skies every day. This is the ideal time to travel to Broome. During the wet season Broome can turn into a bit of a ghost town with people avoiding the heavy rain and humidity. Between January to March is monsoon season with high possibility of torrential rain and cyclones and it’s best to avoid Broome completely at this time.

Broome Ultimate Travel Guide



There are a number of great places to stay in Broome depending on your budget and the location you prefer. The main places to stay are split between the town area and near Cable Beach. Since I planned to spend most of my time at the beach this is where I prefer to stay. You can find all accommodation options for Broome here. The following are my favourite options.

KIMBERLY SANDS RESORT AND SPA – Kimberly Sands Resort is a lovely hotel within close walking distance to Cable Beach. The rooms are large and they have a great pool for guests to take advantage of. And my personal favourite thing about this hotel is they provide a delicious breakfast. For what you get with this hotel it’s very reasonably priced.

MANGROVE HOTEL – The Mangrove Hotel is located in the town area of Broome. It’s a gorgeous hotel that features an outdoor bar perfect for enjoying the warm weather. If staying close to town is your preference then this is the place to be.

AIRBNB – If none of the hotels are to your liking, there are a number of great Airbnb options in Broome. To get a discount off your first stay use my link to receive a $55 discount.

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MATSO’S BREWERY – An iconic place to drink in town is Matso’s Brewery. Matso’s has a huge variety of beers and ciders with an outdoor seating area. It’s a prefect place to chill out on a hot day and enjoy a drink and some food.

CABLE BEACH SUNSET BAR – Easily the most popular place in Broome for a sunset drink is the Cable Beach Sunset Bar. As the name implies, you can watch the sunset while enjoying a cold beverage. Come for the drinks but stay for the food, the food here was the best I had in Broome. If you’re wanting to have a drink at sunset come early as the seat go quickly.

TOWN BEACH CAFE – You’ll get breakfast with a view at Town Beach Cafe which is located right on Town Beach. Their menu has a variety of options to suit every taste so there’s something for everyone. This is the perfect spot for breakfast or lunch sitting outdoors in the warm weather and a beautiful outlook.

MANGROVE HOTEL – Even if you’re not staying at the Mangrove Hotel you can still stop in for a drink. This is one of the most picturesque bars in Broome being surrounded by palm trees and overlooking the water. They often have live entertainment in the evening so you can sit out and enjoy the local atmosphere.



Broome is a perfect town for chilling out, enjoying the beautiful weather and just relaxing. It’s a slower kind of lifestyle here which is one of the things that makes Broome so charming. While you’re in Broome there are a few essential things you must experience. Swim at Cable Beach, watch the camels walk along the beach at sunset, and discover the red sand beach.

I’ve written a complete guide on the Best Things To Do In Broome, including some must know details and how to find these places. Make sure you check it out!

Broome Ultimate Travel GuideBroome Cable Beach Sunset





Broome Ultimate Travel GuideBroome Ultimate Travel Guide

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