It’s no secret that Australia has some of the cutest and most unique animals in the entire world. There are so many incredible experiences you can have with native Australian animals that are absolutely free. With these Australia’s best animal experiences you can witness the animals in their natural habitat. These are some incredible and unique experiences that you’ll truly never forget.



Hamelin Bay, Western Australia is home to a number of friendly resident stingrays. The stingrays started coming around here to feed after the local fishermen returned every morning. Now the stingrays return everyday and stick around until the early afternoon. Watching the stingrays swim around you is such a cool experience and almost surreal to witness. You can swim with the stingrays in the gorgeous clear waters of Hamelin Bay or just watch them from the shore.

Australia's Best Animal Experiences



There are a few different locations in Australia where you can swim with cute friendly sea lions. The main two places are Port Lincoln, South Australia & Jurien Bay, Western Australia. For both of these locations you’ll need to take a tour or have access to a boat to be able to find the sea lions. Or if you get lucky like I did, you might be wandering along the beach and find a friendly sea lion pup that wants to play with you. Whether you take a tour or get lucky, swimming with a sea lion is so incredible.

For reference, the beach that I found this sea lion was at Blue Haven Beach, Western Australia. They’re not always found here but you might just get lucky and be able to find one.

Australia's Best Animal Experiences



Wombats are another animal that are unique to Australia. They look a bit like a furry pig and slowly wander around eating grass. Wombats are mainly cold weather animals so there are various places you can see wild wombats throughout the southern states. A couple of popular locations to watch some wombats include Cradle Mountain, Tasmania and Dandenong Ranges, Victoria. The best time to spot them is close to sunset when they emerge from their burrows to feed.

Tasmania Cradle Mountain Wombats



Fun Fact: Did you know that there are more kangaroos in Australia than people? True story. There’s an estimated 30 million kangaroos in Australia.

One of the most beautiful beaches in Australia just happens to have adorable kangaroos hopping around everywhere. At Lucky Bay, Western Australia these curious little kangaroos are so friendly and are not shy to come right up to you. They’re usually looking for food but it is important that you don’t feed them, they will still interact with you regardless. This such a cool authentic animal experience that you can’t miss!

Australia's Best Animal Experiences Australia's Best Animal Experiences


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Swimming with sea turtles is such a fun experience to have in Australia. One of the obvious places in Australia to swim with turtles is Great Barrier Reef. It is so beautiful and an incredible sight to see. While it’s common to see sea turtles in the Barrier Reef, it’s definitely not the only place. There are some incredible reefs in Western Australia which you’ll have a great chance of swimming sea turtles. These beaches include Coral Bay and Turquoise Beach, the reefs here are so stunning and have minimal crowds.

Australia's Best Animal Experiences



If you live internationally you may not have heard of a Quokka before. They look something like a cross between a cute oversized mouse with legs and a tail like a kangaroo which they hop around on. They’re known as the happiest animal on the planet since it appears that they’re always smiling. Quokkas can only be found on couple small islands in Australia, the main one being Rottnest Island. You can get to Rottnest Island very easily on a ferry departing daily from Perth. There are thousands of Quokkas hopping around this island so it’s easy to grab a photo with them. The most popular thing to do is to take a Quokka selfie, trust me, it’s a thing!

Australia's Best Animal Experience



Finding a koala in the wild can be pretty challenging. Koala’s are pretty hard to spot and unfortunately the koala population is diminishing pretty quickly. It is possible to find koalas in a number of different forested areas across Australia. But there is one place in particular that I know of that you are almost guaranteed to find wild koalas. If you’re travelling along the Great Ocean Road stop at Kennett River, across from the store are eucalyptus trees with koalas in them. Look closely because they blend in and are easy to miss.

Great Ocean Road Koala



The only wild dingoes thought to be 100% pure breed are found on Fraser Island. There are a number of wild dingoes across Fraser Island so it is very common to see them running around. These dingoes have significant preservation due to their pure status so domestic dogs are banned from the island. There is an estimated 25-30 packs of wild dingoes on Fraser Island. You can often spot them on the beach in the surf trying to catch fish.

Australia's Best Animal Experience



Every night at sunset on Cable Beach, Broome you can view a line of camels walking along the beach. This is one experience on this list where the animals are in captivity but can still be viewed for free. This is such a unique experience that you won’t see anywhere else in the world.  It is possible to ride the camels but I think that watching them stroll along the beach at sunset is a much more beautiful experience.

Australia's Best Animal Experiences


That concludes my list of Australia’s best animal experiences. There are so many beautiful things to see and do in Australia, and interacting with the animals is such a highlight.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below or contact me directly.

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Australia's Best Animal Experiences

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