Australian Bush Fire Crisis & What We Can Do To Help

The Australian bush fire crisis & what we can do to help. Over the past week it’s been impossible to turn on social media without seeing something devastating about the Aussie bush fires and wanting to just burst into tears. I like to keep my page as positive as possible and the whole world is aware of the current crisis but I’ll just leave this right here.

This is a global crisis. Everything you do in your daily life either helps or hurts this planet. This is a direct result of climate change. We all need to make some serious changes. Stop buying so much stuff – have experiences instead. Stop eating animals raised in horrific conditions – eat plants instead. Treat everyone with kindness & respect. Stop acting like your actions don’t make a difference – they do!

Every change you make can make a huge difference!

To make a direct donation to the Australian Bushfire Relief you can send your donations to the Australian Red Cross or to the Wires Wildlife Rescue.

Want to know more about Australia? Check out this post.


Here are some things you can do right now to do your part in making the planet a better place.

*Implement a plant based lifestyle. This is one of the smallest changes that makes a HUGE impact on this planet. Do your own research into this topic and find out the environmental impact behind factory farming. As a consumer you speak with your money. If you keep buying from companies that torture animals, drain the oceans & use the planet as a dumping ground you are directly supporting them.

*Use less plastic by eating less processed food. Not only is this better for your wallet and your waistline but it saves so much unnecessary was being thrown into landfills.

*Every time you go to the beach make a goal to pick up a minimum of 3 pieces of plastic. You’ll most likely save a marine animals life by doing this.

*Buy local produce that’s in season. Fruit & veg that are in season often cost less, taste better and use less manpower to get it to you. And skip the plastic bag – your apples don’t need a plastic bag!

*Stop buying products that use palm oil. Palm plantations are the biggest cause of deforestation, directly killing orangutans and other wildlife species. Palm oil hides in products ranging anywhere from shampoo, chocolate, ice cream, cookies, etc. Before you buy packaged products (which hopefully you don’t need to do) flip it over and have a look at the ingredients.

*Say no to any products that still use animal testing. This includes beauty products, makeup, skin care & cleaning products.

*Eliminate products that contain chemicals. I’ll touch on this more in a future post, but this includes beauty/ skincare/ cleaning products & food. It’s easy to eliminate these products and find healthier alternatives that will improve your health and are cheaper in the end saving you $$.

*Buy used / pre-owned products. Whether it’s electronics, clothing, furniture, etc so many things go straight into landfills without thinking twice. When you buy something think of it as an investment that you’ll have for a very long time to come. And by buying these items pre-owned it saves on the packaging it would have come in.

Start today by making small changes. Be mindful in everything you do whether your actions are helping or hurting this beautiful planet. This doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Act now.

Leave your best eco friendly tips in the comments that you’re already implementing in your life.

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Australian Bushfire Crisis & What We Can Do To Help

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